Pasatémbos – time in a shell

September 2017 – October 2018
Athens – Bologna


Pasatémbos is a year-long collaborative project resulting in a group exhibition in Athens. Artists with different backgrounds work across borders and generations to explore the various interpretations of the word Pasatémbos.

The Greek word πασατέμπος [pasatémbos] (IT: passatempo) is a symbol of the shared histories between Greece and Italy. Starting from the literal meanings in the two languages (Italian: hobby; Greek: baked salted pumpkin seeds) the artists explored different nuances of the term and of the passing of time, from playful devices to discussions on life and death.


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Pasatémbos is an experimental project in which Orasi Art invited Italian and Greek artists to develop their concepts and artwork together. The collaboration was born during the project Οίστρος – il viaggio dell’estro (Bologna, 2016) during which AFI Collective met with local Italian creatives. Later on, Greek artists from a younger generation joined the project through an open call selection in summer 2017. The final exhibition will be the outcome of the collaboration of 18 artists working and communicating with each other through different channels and a series of online and offline meetings.

Within this project, Orasi Art organises and curates the exhibition, whilst facilitating communication between the artists by providing tools for them to engage in productive dialogue. During this process, the participating artists share their techniques and methods, challenging their own boundaries and collaborating with one another on a technical and conceptual level. The journey is as important as the final piece, and the documentation of the year-long collaboration is an integral part of Pasatémbos.

The participating artists:

AFI Collective:
Judith Allen-Efstathiou, Inger Carlsson, Eva Cheiladaki, Corinna Coutouzi, Maria Grigoriou, Despina Pantazopoulou, Yiannis Papadopoulos

Italian Artists:
Francesco Casolari,
Antonello Ghezzi,
Mirco Denicolò

Young Greek Artists:
Amalia Antoniadou
George Giannoutsos, Ismini Pachi, Vasia Pachi and Kalliope Theodoropoulou (Ragtag Collective)
Ismini Gatou
Iris Plaitakis