Photo by Nicola Braccia


Orasi Art was founded in 2015 and works transnationally to promote visual arts. We are a voluntary, not for profit cultural organisation that creates and manages projects which foster cultural exchange and strengthen cultural collaboration.

We believe in the bridging function of arts and culture, its ability to mediate differences, to transmit skills and thoughts and to combine different views. Orasi Art recognises the importance of building lasting relationships and dialogues between cultures, employing art to the means of intercultural dialogue. We also believe in the importance of accessibility of art and culture, and we are committed to rendering our projects accessible to as many people as possible.

The name orasi originated from our first project.
The inspirational collaboration with the AFI artists (en: touch), protagonists of Οίστρος – il viaggio dell’estro, led us to the name orasi (en: vision, sight).


Core team

Adriana Grigoriou (GR): founder, artistic direction & curation
Mariangle Dalfovo (IT): founder, strategic development
Leonie Gavrias (GR): communications & relations manager
Elisabetta Negroni (IT): social media coordinator & admin

Promotion & Communications

Victoria Papadi (GR): social media manager
Konstantina Kioroglou (GR): graphic designer
Fergie Verantianes (ID): web designer

Briony Cartmell (UK): founder, editor

Technical manager

George Grigoriou


Contact Us

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Write use on: info [dot] orasi [at] gmail [dot] com